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How to Make Sure Your Dog Stays Well-Behaved at the Brewery

Local breweries are fast becoming the top hangout spots for dog owners in a given city, like Cleveland​. More so than many bars and restaurants, breweries often provide a more welcoming environment for you and your canine friend. It’s great for the community to have a place where both humans and dogs can socialize in harmony, and ​Market Garden Brewery​ is at the top of the list of great locations.

Of course, a misbehaved dog with a clueless owner can ruin the whole thing. Here are some tips for making sure your dog stays well-behaved at the brewery.

Make sure you meet their basic needs

How do you act when you get hangry? It’s not a pretty sight, is it? Your dog is the same way. Don’t take your dog to the brewery without meeting its basic needs. Either feed your dog before you go to hang out or take their food along with you. Always take a portable water bowl. You’re whetting your whistle – so don’t let your dog sit there parched. If your dog is properly cared for on these basic levels, it’ll be much more well-behaved around others.
A tired dog is a good dog

It would be ideal to just walk your dog to the brewery, but if you live too far away you should take your dog on a nice walk before you go. Tired dogs ​are happier and better behaved​. All dogs need to get out excess energy, and without that they can be little balls of terror. Don’t take your dog to a brewery thinking ​they’ll get their exercise while playing with other dogs. This is a recipe for disaster.

Keep them occupied
There are a lot of sights, sounds, and smells at the local brewery. So many, in fact, that you can give your dog sensory overload. Don’t let your dog be distracted by every passing whiff of food, or every kid that runs by. Bring some sort of distraction with you. This can be a bone, a chew toy, or ​even a doggie puzzle​, if that’s your thing. The point is to give your pet something to focus on that’s not the overwhelming buzz of activity going on around it.

Leash no matter what

This one is a biggie. Even if you think you have the most well-behaved dog in the world, don’t let them run amok when you take them to your local brewery. This is poor dog etiquette.

“Be especially careful when interacting with strangers, and under no circumstance let your pet roam unleashed in a public area,” says ​​.

Know your dog

Sure, you may see a super well-behaved dog and get jealous. ​Why can’t my dog be that good? You may think that you can just take your dog out in public and she’ll be ok. ​She wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?

Even a good dog can become a nuisance with excessive barking or lack of manners. It’s incredibly important to know your dog. Know their triggers. Know their reactions to certain stimuli. If you have a dog that get nervous when approached suddenly, or when too many people are touching them, make that known. Don’t allow people to come up to your dog and start petting them immediately. You have to be in control of the situation and recognize if your dog has overstayed their welcome.

Mastering these tips might be difficult, but will allow you and your pup to relax and enjoy a day out at the brewery.


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